Special thanks

Want to give a special thanks to Lawrie Vick of Prosperty Mortgage..Just closed on a deal yesterday because of her..As a primary listing agent I have no control… over the buyer’s (or buyer agent’s) choice in their loan officer. About 3 weeks ago I got an offer(on a VA loan) and she was the loan officer..I looked her up on fb and thought ‘Darn we have a lot of mutual friends’. Usually I don’t friend a loan officer on fb until after the deal is done but I made an exception with her…Must say every time I called her for an update she either answered her phone or called me back..Trust me in this business (or any sales job) you would be surprised of people you have track down..You know it’s bad when you have to call from a different number to make them answer the phone..lol..A bad loan officer can make an agent look REALLY BAD..
I have worked with some great loan officers and will have to add Lawrie to the mix.